Many workplace issues can be resolved by providing employees with training tailored to their needs. When employers invest in training, employees feel valued and supported.

Learn how we can help you to leverage the full potential of your employees and grow your bottom line.

We offer career development services to help retain and promote your employees. Services include: career coaching, mentoring, professional development seminars, tax preparation services, citizenship assistance, and financial education workshops. Contact us to begin the conversation.

Grant Training Funds

Funding may be available to support the training of your incumbent staff.
Let us help write and submit your proposal to get access to these funds. Contact us to learn more.
Grants include:

  • Workforce Competitiveness Training Fund – This state fund is designed to address business productivity and competitiveness by providing funds to MA businesses that assist with training for current and newly hired employees. The fund focuses on small to medium employers who want to invest in their employees’ skills and the company’s future. Several types of grants to support the training needs of businesses are available.
  • Workplace Safety Training Grant – Every fiscal year, the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) through the Office of Safety, awards $800,000 in safety training grants to various organizations. In each fiscal year, thousands of persons receive workplace training through programs funded by the DIA grant. This highly successful program provides monies for workplace safety training aimed at workers throughout the Commonwealth.

We will develop and customize training and education programming for your employees at your location. Based on your business and workforce development goals, our courses and training might include:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Adult basic education
  • Pre-college preparation
  • Customer service
  • Professional communication
  • Supervisory & Leadership development
  • Computer skills
  • Workforce needs analyses