The Downtown Boston Career Center Story

There has been a One-Stop Career Center in Downtown Boston since JVS and the City of Boston partnered in 1996 to establish The Workplace on the third floor of 75 Federal Street.  In 1999, The Workplace moved a few blocks away to Chauncy Street, then a few blocks farther to Winter Street near Boston Common in 2004.  In 2015, we came full circle. The Workplace combined with the state-operated downtown career center – JobNet – and returned home to the third floor of 75 Federal Street as JVS CareerSolution.  Now, we have rebranded as MassHire Downtown Boston Career Center.  And despite all of the changes, for more than two decades there has been one constant – our unparalleled commitment to serving the needs of job seekers and employers.

Our Initiatives

MassHire Downtown Boston prides itself on providing top quality service to our customers – both jobseekers and employers. Jobseekers benefit from our staff’s understanding of current hiring practices, which enhances the quality of our workshops and the career counseling services we provide. Employers benefit from our career center’s ability to connect them with qualified jobseekers, particularly through industry-specific job fairs and recruitments.

The Healthcare Initiative at MassHire Downtown Boston is our most robust industry initiative, with special workshops, Drop Ins, newsletters, and an extensive network of employer partners that participate in our frequent job fairs and recruitments.  The success of the Healthcare Initiative is helping us develop other industry initiatives.  Keep an eye out for new resources related to Banking/Finance, Hospitality/Food Service, Higher Education, Human Services/Non-Profits, Informational Technology, and Security/Transportation. To stay informed about developments in these sectors, be sure to sign up for our newsletters.