The world’s families come to Boston Children’s Hospital for answers. They are deeply committed to reflecting the spectrum of their cultures, while opening doors of opportunity for everyone on their team. Join their team, and work with purpose each and every day.

They offer competitive compensation and unmatched benefits, including generous time off, 403(b) retirement savings plan, pension, tuition reimbursement and more. They are an equal opportunity employer.

Starting wages for these positions range between $15 -$22 per hour. Any employee working 20 hours or more is eligible to receive most benefits immediately.

As a part of their unwavering commitment to support their team, Boston Children’s Hospital provides a wide variety of benefits that help their people succeed both in and out of the workplace. While some benefits are position-specific, every employee will enjoy comprehensive support.

Benefits are based on tiered levels, and include flexible scheduling, childcare, affordable health, vision, disability, life, and dental insurance; flexible spending accounts, dependent care reimbursement accounts, generous levels of time off, 403(b) Retirement Savings plan, Pension, Tuition Reimbursement, Cell phone plan discounts, and discounted rates on T-passes (50% off).

Work/Life and Assistance Programs

Their Work/Life Information and Assistance Program provides confidential assistance for emotional health, parenting, financial planning, work obstacles, and daily life challenges from pet care to weight management – and beyond. Counselors are available both close to work and near your home.

Watch a recording of the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Talent Acquisition share information about:

  • The nature of each of the roles below
  • Shifts and schedules
  • Skills, education and experience required and preferred
  • The hiring process

Review the roles at Boston Children’s Hospital listed below. Interested? Follow the steps outlined on this page. Our screeners will direct you to apply only for the positions that suit your skills and background, saving you time and energy!

This is a summary of the actual job description.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities of the Starbucks Barista, Food Services Assistant:
  • Provides beverages, whole bean, and food products consistently by adhering to all recipe and presentation standards
  • Prepare food and beverages to standard recipes or customized for customers
  • Follows Starbucks operational policies and procedures, including those for cash handling and safety and security
  • Maintains a clean and organized workspace
  • Delivers quality customer service
  • Available to perform many different tasks within the store during each shift
  • Maintains regular and punctual attendance

Required Qualifications:

  • High school level of education or equivalent and 6 months of previous experience
  • ServSafe certification preferred
  • Anticipates customer and store needs by constantly evaluating environment and customers for cues
  • Acts with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture, values and mission of Starbucks
  • Work occasionally requires contact with patients and/or visitors which involves courtesy
Location: Longwood Medical Area (Boston)
This is a summary of the actual job description.
The Child Care Educator I cares for the health, welfare and safety of children under 5 years of age in a group setting. They work with a team of teachers to provide a caring environment where children are safe and secure. This role helps to plan age-appropriate activities and communicates with parents concerning their child’s activities, health, and well-being.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Prepares healthy snacks, feeds and diapers children.
  • Plans activities, prepares and selects materials, helps to foster and facilitate play between children.
  • Develops trusting relationships with children. Reports to team unusual behavior.
  • Develops supportive, cooperative relationships with parents. Contributes to preparation of child’s progress reports.
  • Attends staff meetings, parent functions, and in-service trainings.
  • Opens and closes the center.

Required Qualifications:

  • Department of Early Education and Care Certification
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • High School Diploma/GED or equivalent
  • Experience working with infants, toddlers and/or preschoolers
Location: Newton (not T accessible) and Brookline (T accessible)
This is a summary of the actual job description.
The cook prepares all food based on café/diner, room service, and catering menus. Follows standardized recipes, delivers all food products, and completes next day’s preparation assignments. Routinely tests food for quality, appearance, flavor, temperature, texture, color and doneness.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Opens kitchen in the morning and accepts early deliveries. Prepares breakfast items for patient room service, café and catering
  • Follows established guidelines, recipes and procedures for age specific feeding and specialized diets
  • Follows and monitors H.A.C.C.P. food preparation and storage procedures
  • Stores, holds and transports cold food and hot food items at designated temperatures
  • Wraps, labels, and dates all food items and stores in designated area in an organized manner
  • Cleans and sanitizes all food contact surfaces and equipment after every use to avoid contamination
  • Maintains high levels of sanitation of all equipment

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Two years of previous work experience required
  • Completion of 2 years of occupationally specific education or an Associate’s degree in Nutrition or a closely related field preferred.
  • Analytical skills to gather and interpret data in situations in which the information or problems are relatively routine.
  • Comprehension of weights, measures, recipe conversion and portion control to minimize waste.
Location: Longwood Medical Area (Boston)
This is a summary of the actual job description.
Cleans, maintains and services an assigned area or task within or associated with the hospital facilities performed under the direct leadership of a group Leader and/or supervisor. Embodies the Hospital’s core values in all interactions with patients, families, and colleagues.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Performs hard floor-care: dusting and damp mopping, stripping and refinishing, spray buffing
  • Performs carpet and furniture care: vacuuming, spot removal, shampooing
  • Collects and disposes of trash, soiled linen and recyclable materials. Replaces receptacle liners and collection totes
  • Cleans horizontal and vertical surfaces: dusting, damp wiping, spot cleaning of vents, light fixtures, window ledges, door surfaces
  • Cleans restrooms and replenishes restroom supplies
  • Cleans and maintains items in assigned areas including stairwells, elevators, water fountains, walls, windows, furniture, I.V. poles, baseboards, wheelchairs, toys, glassware and equipment
  • Changes curtains, draperies, blinds and shades as assigned
  • Operates electric and battery powered equipment for cleaning services and rearrangement of furniture/equipment
  • Picks up necessary supplies, packs regulated medical waste, responds to floods and other emergencies. Wears protective clothing as required
  • Removes soiled linens/protective coverings, cleans and remakes beds, stretchers, exam tables, etc.

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to read and understand written instructions and add and subtract numbers
  • Ability to understand and respond to simple written or verbal instructions
  • Ability to be courteous when in contact with patients and/or visitors

Physical Requirements:

  • Frequent lifting and carrying up to 10 pounds and occasionally lifting and carrying up to 20 pounds
  • Regular stooping/bending/reaching/grasping/hoisting
  • Frequent pushing/pulling equipment weighing 11 to 20 pounds, regularly pushing/pulling equipment weighing over 50 pounds
  • Potential exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens, wearing protective clothing as required.
Location: Longwood Medical Area and Waltham
This is a summary of the actual job description.
The Food Service Assistant sets up the tray line for meal services and prepares hot and cold food items. Also assembles and delivers patient trays, maintains sanitation in the cafeteria and kitchen and serves meals to patrons.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Sets up hot and cold section of tray line for meal service. Prepares and cooks hot and cold food items for hot and modified diets including sodium, fat, calorie and protein restricted menu items. Prepares and cooks a limited number of short order menu items.
  • Assembles, delivers, and picks up trays upon completion of meal service.
  • Delivers nourishment to bedside or designated area of the patient care units according to established procedures.
  • Cleans and sanitizes counters, tray lines, food wells, appliances and equipment in Main Kitchen work space and according to specific schedule. Reads and records temperature of appropriate food and equipment daily. Washes dishes, silverware, trays and serving equipment using dish machine and three bay sink.
  • Provides the highest quality customer service at all times.
  • Maintains and sanitizes food service equipment, work stations and service areas. Monitors and reports equipment in need of repair of replacement. Maintains related logs and records.
  • Candidates who have 6 months of previous experience may quality for Food Service Assistant II which in addition to these roles would fill in for cooks during breaks and prepare meals for patients with special dietary needs.

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to read and understand and respond to written instructions and oral instruction. No previous experience is required.
  • Ability to add and subtract numbers, and make comparisons between numbers and letters.
  • Occasionally requires contact with patients and/or visitors which involves courtesy.
  • Work requires regularly proofreading and checking documents for accuracy.
  • Frequent lifting and carrying of patients, children, objects up to 20 pounds, frequent stooping, bending, sitting and standing, frequent reaching and grasping of objects below, at, and above shoulder level, regular pushing and/or pulling non-motorized equipment weighing up to 20 pounds, and regularly grasping and fine manipulation with hands.

Location: Longwood Medical Area (Boston)

This position requires employees to work every other weekend as well as some holidays.

This is a summary of the actual job description.
The Lab Processing Tech performs pre‑analytical specimen processing, monitors specimen workflow, and labels finished products.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Performing computer order entry and inquiry functions
  • Performing, documenting, and evaluating daily quality control procedures
  • Performing routine operation and maintenance of instrumentation in the work area such as centrifuges, refrigerators, and freezers
  • Participating in departmental continuous improvement projects as necessary
  • Receiving, assessing and preparing blood components for further modification/manufacture
  • Performing regular Quality Control on blood components, quality control and periodic maintenance of equipment
  • Managing blood product inventory by restocking

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • A high school level of educational development and 3 to 6 months of work experience
  • The skills to read and understand instructions, add and subtract numbers, and make comparisons between numbers and letters
  • The ability to exchange information on factual matters, schedule appointments, greet visitors, explain hospital policies, and/or relay messages to appropriate personnel
  • Courtesy and delicacy when dealing with patients, visitors and/or hospital employees. More sensitive situations may be referred to others as appropriate

Location: Longwood Medical Area (Boston)

This is a summary of the actual job description.
The Materials Technician monitors and maintains inventory of surgical supplies for the OR, PACU and Day Surgery, ensuring availability for scheduled cases.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Distributing, restocking and maintaining inventory in designated storage areas and case carts
  • Monitoring storage of supplies/equipment, rotating stock and inspecting items for proper packaging and expiration dates
  • Recording items received into the department by computer or manual methods
  • Monitoring, inspecting and verifying orders received and keeping management informed of any errors, delays or other related problems
  • Assembling soft good materials and surgical instrumentation onto surgical case carts
  • Responsible for emergent delivery of instrumentation and medical supplies during surgical cases
  • Responding to requests for materials information, referring more complex inquiries to manager or other authorized personnel

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Strong customer service and strong communication skills
  • Strong computer and problem solving skills as well as the ability to work independently and as a team player
  • The ability to be flexible; willing and able to change assignments due to needs of the department
  • Demonstrated basic record keeping skill, as well as the ability to read and write legibly

Location: Longwood Medical Area (Boston)

This is a summary of the actual job description.
The Patient Experience Representative provides support to the administrative operations of a clinical service and works to ensure the best possible patient experience by effectively coordinating services to patients and families. The PER embodies the Hospital’s core values in all interactions with patients, families, and colleagues. 
Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Patient Encounter Management
    • Provides positive and effective customer service that supports unit operations
    • Collaborates with referring providers and practices
    • Obtains required authorizations to compile patient and staff schedules
    • Schedules patients and supports the patient encounter
  • Check In / Check Out
    • Greets and directs patients, families, and visitors
    • Monitors daily schedule and coordinates flow with clinicians/supervisor
    • Reconciles payments and prepares deposits, provides record of transactions in Hospital systems
    • Facilitates and directs communication with Financial Counseling
  • Administrative
    • Maintain personal calendars for physician/supervisor(s)
    • Schedule meetings, programs, and events
    • Records and forwards messages, triages call for urgent information or services, initiates call for emergency services
    • Provides routine clerical support as needed (like filing,
  • Process Improvement:
    • Actively contributes to departmental and organizational initiatives and projects with a focus on continuous process improvement
    • Assists in implementing change in internal systems and procedures

Required Skills and Abilities:

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and provide empathy in difficult interpersonal situations
  • Ability to work with diverse internal and external constituencies.
  • Regularly proofreading and checking documents for accuracy. Regularly inputting/retrieving words or data into or from an automated/computer system.

Locations: Longwood Medical Area and Waltham

Boston Children’s Hospital has removed the Rehabilitation Aide role from this program.

  1. To start the screening process, complete this SCREENING FORM
  2. Your information will be reviewed and screened by a team from JVS MassHire Downtown Boston (JVS/MHDB)
  3. JVS/MHDB team will email you directions on how to schedule a screening appointment by phone or ZOOM. JVS/MHDB will screen you for positions that match your skills and experience (a 30 minute appointment)
  4. JVS/MHDB will refer you to appropriate resources, if needed, to help you successfully apply
  5. Candidates that pass the screening will be asked to apply to BCH online (with support as needed)
  6. Once the online application is completed, candidate must send JVS/MHDB team their application details. JVS/MHDB will alert Boston Children’s Hospital that you are ready to be interviewed!
  7. Candidate should be prepared to respond quickly to multiple email or phone message from BCH staff. Some candidates may be contacted by several BCH staff members, depending upon the departments and roles they are interested in.